Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray is an author and journalist based in Britain.

His latest publication The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race, Indentity  was published in October 2019 and immediately became a Sunday Times bestseller. It was also chosen as a Book of the Year by The Times and The Sunday Times. Richard Dawkins described The Madness of Crowds as “beyond brilliant, and it should be read, must be read, by everyone.”  

His previous book The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, was published by Bloomsbury in May 2017. It spent almost 20 weeks on The Sunday Times bestseller list and was a Number 1 bestseller in non-fiction. It has subsequently been published in more than 20 languages worldwide and has been read and cited by politicians around the world.

The Evening Standard described it as ‘By far the most compelling political book of the year.’ It was praised by, among others, Nick Cohen, Sir Roger Scruton, Clive James, Morrissey and Rabbi (Lord) Jonathan Sacks, who described it as ‘The most disturbing political book I’ve read this year. Based on travels through key European centres, Murray weaves a tale of uncontrolled immigration, failed multiculturalism, systemic self-doubt, cultural suicide and disingenuous political leadership. Accurate, insightful and devastating.’

Murray has been a contributor to The Spectator since 2000 and has been Associate Editor at the magazine since 2012. He has also written regularly for numerous other outlets including The Wall Street JournalThe TimesThe Sunday TimesThe SunThe Evening Standard and The New Criterion. He is a regular contributor to National Review and has been a columnist for Standpointmagazine since its founding.

Born in 1979 his first book came out in 2000 while he was an undergraduate at Oxford. Since then he has published three more full-length books – on politics, history and current affairs – as well as shorter works on free speech and defence.

A prolific debater, Murray has spoken on a variety of prominent platforms, including at the British and European Parliaments and the White House. His opponents have included Tariq Ramadan, Julian Assange, Rowan Williams and Anjem Choudary. He appears often on the top political debate programmes, including the BBC’s Newsnight, Daily PoliticsThis Week and Question Time. He has appeared on some of the most listened-to podcasts including Joe Rogan’s and ‘Waking Up’ with Sam Harris.

In 2018 6,000 people attended his event at the O2 with Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris.